About Us

Objectives for the company are:

1. Electrical & Electronic Communications Contracts
2. Information and Communications Technology Services
3. ICT Services – covering system-integration services for key brands
Hardware & Software for Surveillance systems, Smart technologies systems.
4. General constructions for residential buildings
5. Extension of gas lines Contract
6. Decore Contracts
7. Mechanical Contracts
8. Air conditioning and refrigeration Contracts
9. Fire Fighting & Derivatives
10. General Building Contracts
11. Sanitary ware Contracts
12. Painting Contracts
13. Insulation Material Contracts
14. Stone and Marble tiles Fitting
15. Building & Roads Cleaning Contracts
16. Iron Contracts
17. Recruitment
18. Renting Equipment’s & Cable Trailers
Capital of the Company is fixed at an amount of 1,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars “ One Million Kuwaiti Dinars Only”.

Is Taking Sub Contracts, Executing Projects, Providing Manpower, Providing Recruiting Services, Renting our Equipment’s & Cable Trailers.
In Recruitment Services – We do the Screening Test of the candidates and interview them and forward as per the COMPANY (Client) requirements. We also provide replacement within the probationary period of 3 months. SAB shall only provide for a replacement of candidates, within the probationary period as per the labor law of the country, if the latter were selected or finalized by the COMPANY and under in any of the following circumstances:
• If the candidate is found medically, unfit.
• If the candidate requests to be repatriated to his point of origin due to personal reasons.
• If the COMPANY decides to terminate the candidate’s contract due to misconduct or delinquency
SAB has provided qualified Financial Advisors, Internal Auditors, Excel Expert Accountants, Customer Care Executives, Call Center (BPO) Staff , Secretary, Language experts to Almailem Group and working on requirements of other Clients.
SAB has a supplied staff of qualified Engineers, Drivers, Supervisors, Technicians, Project managers, Asst. Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, AutoCAD draughtsman, IT Staff, Office Staff, Arabic / Eng. Translators, Quantity Engineers, Labours, Logistics support Vehicles – CARS / MINI-BUSES with Drivers on monthly basis.
In 1982, “International Capitals Co.” upgraded the capital upto US $ 1,000,000.00
In 2019, “Singh Bally Company” SAB, made its capital upto US $ 3,300,000.00 which is 1,000,000 KD (1MKD). Capital of the Company is fixed at an amount of 1,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars “ One Million Kuwaiti Dinars Only”.

An Agreement (Joint Venture) is signed,
Between M/s Singh Bally Company for Contracting Wll, incorporated in Kuwait, having its registered office at Arbeed Complex, Sharhabil Street, Mazzanine Floor, Unit 1, Hawalli, Kuwait Represented by Mr Rajender Singh Managing Partner hereafter referred to as “First Party” AND
M/s Internationals Capitals Company, incorporated in Kuwait, having its registered office at PO Box-8735, Salmiya, 22085 Kuwait – CR No# 34140 Represented by H.S. Saini Managing Partner herein after referred to as “Second Party” AND
Chairman Dr.Mezher Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al Gharabally for Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al-Gharabally Company , Gharabally International Company.

All Certification, experiences and approvals of both Companies and their Managing Partners hold true.
Management of SAB includes:
Chairman Dr.Mezher Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al Gharabally
Managing Partner Mr. Abdulla Mezher Gharabally
Consulting Director H.S. Saini
Managing Partner Mr. Rajender Singh


Our Specialization

Building Management System

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Power Cable and Tele Communication Network

Electrical and Telecommunication Works
Power and Communication cable laying works. 

Excavation and Manholes

Excavation at any Surface at any depth, Laying of UPVC Duct, Termination of ducts, Back filling, earth filling and Reinstatement, Compaction, in Footway ( all kinds of soil, tiles, parked surfaces Asphalt / Concrete, carriageway). Including supply and installation of all accessories such as end caps, draw cord, machines. Drilling holes in Reinforced concrete walls/ Slabs. Evacuation of pit. Manholes supply and installation.   


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