Dr.Mezher Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al Gharabally, Chairman

Representing world famous international foreign Manufacturers like: Toshiba heavy industries, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Mitsubishi corporation, Sumitomo heavy industries, I.H.I heavy industries, Taisei civil corporation, Curtis-Wright corp, Pirelli Cables & Overheads transmission, Tenix Australian Shipbuilding Yard – Maintaining Power Plants, Desalination plants and its attachments including Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Constructions.
Some Plants setup by Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al-Gharabally Company: 
Shuwaikh Desalination plant, North and South Shuwaibah Power Plant, East and West Doha Power plant and Desalination plant and its civil construction.
In Shuwaibah area authorities Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al-Gharabally Company made many projects for : KOC, PIC, KNPC