Sab Projects

SAB Management

Dr.Mezher Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al Gharabally, Chairman

  • Representing world famous international foreign Manufacturers like: Toshiba heavy industries, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Mitsubishi corporation, Sumitomo heavy industries, I.H.I heavy industries, Taisei civil corporation, Curtis-Wright corp, Pirelli Cables & Overheads transmission, Tenix Australian Shipbuilding Yard – Maintaining Power Plants, Desalination plants and its attachments including Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Constructions.
    Some Plants setup by Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al-Gharabally Company: 
    Shuwaikh Desalination plant, North and South Shuwaibah Power Plant, East and West Doha Power plant and Desalination plant and its civil construction.
    In Shuwaibah area authorities Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al-Gharabally Company made many projects for : KOC, PIC, KNPC

Mr. Abdulla Mezher Gharabally , Managing Partner

  • Mr. Abdulla Mezher Al-Gharabally holds his Bachelors in Finance from Gulf University for Science & Technology and has been handling direct responsibilities in the public and private sector as Mentioned:
    External audit, internal audit, accounting, financial management, budgeting, corporate governance and compliance

Harcharan Singh Saini ,Managing Partner

  • Projects executed by our Managing Partner Mr. H.S Saini: 
    • ICT Services – covering system-integration services for key brands 
    Hardware & Software for Surveillance systems, Smart technologies systems.  
    • Acquired Telecommunication & Power Projects with companies like Invest-Imports (Yugoslavia), Sadelmi Cogipi (Italy), Kabelmetal Electro (Germany) and Electrim (Poland) 
    • Design & Construct South Entry Control Point – Kuwait Naval Base. 
    • Supply and installation of complete earthing system, Lighting, Power and Fire Alarm System for the Yarmouk Sub-Station. 
    • Complete turnkey Electrical Works for Project with EXXON. 
    • Holiday Inn, Kuwait, Supply & Installation of Street Light Fittings. 
    • Laying of Optical Fiber Cable connecting different Termination point through open trench and duct routes for Wataniya Telecommunication. 
    • Expansion of existing Telephone Network in Ali  Al Salem Air Base for Japanese forces, Yamada Corporation, Japan. 
    • Laying of Optical Fiber Cable interconnecting M.E.W substations. 
    • Maintenance and Construction of telephone network for MOC. 
    • Laying, termination and testing of Optical Fiber Cable in KNPC Refineries. 
    • Civil works & laying Fiber Optic Cable for Kuwait Oil Co.  
    • Civil Works and Cable Laying for MOC. 

Mr. Rajender Singh Sehgal , Managing Partner

  • Rajender Singh holds BE Electrical degree from Mumbai University.
    Projects executed by our Managing Partner Mr. Rajender Singh Sehgal as an Engineer: 
    • KNPC, AGRP – Substation Projects Execution for Tecnimont as Main Contractor 
    • KNPC, AGRP – Substation Projects, Installations, Retrofitting’s and  Commissioning for Fluor (FDH) Fluor Daewoo Hyundai as main Contractor. 
    • Accico Cement – Cement Plant, New panel Installation. 
    • S&M Kuwait Region for Power Grids Division 
    • Designing for Ammonia and Urea Plant based in US, for CFI projects in Germany. 
    • T&C & Maintenance of 2 no: 220 KV GIS for Posco Steel and Reliance. 
    • Testing & commissioning of 220 KV Switchyard, for Enercon (Wind World India) In (2no: 220 KV line bays, PT Bays 220 /33KV 100 MVA transformer bays, 1 no: busbar bay, 16 no: 33 KV feeders)