We offer a wide variety of products and services for Information and Communications Technology Services, Mechanical, HVAC. Electrical, BMS, Plumbing, Civil Projects. We are committed to fully serves the needs and requirements of our client which has given us an opportunity to grow as a company and has an enormous wealth of experience.


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Building Management System

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Power Cable and Tele Communication Network

Electrical and Telecommunication Works
Power and Communication cable laying works. 

Excavation and Manholes

Excavation at any Surface at any depth, Laying of UPVC Duct, Termination of ducts, Back filling, earth filling and Reinstatement, Compaction, in Footway ( all kinds of soil, tiles, parked surfaces Asphalt / Concrete, carriageway). Including supply and installation of all accessories such as end caps, draw cord, machines. Drilling holes in Reinforced concrete walls/ Slabs. Evacuation of pit. Manholes supply and installation.   

Sab Projects


Dr.Mezher Abdulla Sayed Hashim Al Gharabally, Chairman

  • Representing world famous international foreign Manufacturers like: Toshiba heavy industries, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Mitsubishi corporation, Sumitomo heavy industries, I.H.I heavy industries...

Mr. Abdulla Mezher Gharabally , Managing Partner

  • Mr. Abdulla Mezher Al-Gharabally holds his Bachelors in Finance from Gulf University for Science & Technology and has been handling direct responsibilities in the public and private sector as ...

Harcharan Singh Saini ,Managing Partner

  • Projects executed by our Managing Partner Mr. H.S Saini: 
    • ICT Services – covering system-integration services for key brands 
    Hardware & Software for Survei...

Mr. Rajender Singh Sehgal , Managing Partner

  • Rajender Singh holds BE Electrical degree from Mumbai University.
    Projects executed by our Managing Partner Mr. Rajender Singh Sehgal as an Engineer: 
    • KNPC, AGRP – Substation Projec...